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With over 10 years experience, I work on projects for small to medium size businesses. How can I help you?

Web Design

Combining strong design with usability and access across devices, I produce websites that engage your target audience.

Hosting Services

We now provide hosting services. This means that I can guarantee your website will run smoothly and efficiently year in, year out.


A great website is just the beginning. Formulating the right web marketing strategy; SEO and social media start here.

Award Winning Websites

I understand that your website is important to your business and in many cases it’s the shop window for your customers. That’s why I take pride in my work and ensure that your online image is one that reflects your physical business.

I Design for Mobile Platforms, too.

A mobile optimized site makes the conversion process easier and less stressful for your potential customer. Some of the hallmark features include the following:

  • Larger buttons
  • Smaller images
  • Auto-fill form fields
  • Auto-detect location settings
  • Guest checkout option
  • Multiple screens instead of scrolling

A website that is optimized for mobile and other handheld devices will reduce the amount of frustrations the user is experiencing

We Make Your Website Work Everywhere.

I take all the complications out of ensuring that everyone can view your website in the most optimized format possible. Be it on desktop or mobile. Your website won’t be burdened with content that requires extra loading time and the layout and interactive components are optimized for a pleasant user experience.

My Trademarked
Process & Workflow.

Beautiful website design doesn’t just happen.

While people might think that slick, high-functioning website pop up out of nowhere, just  know that a lot of blood, sweat, and tears goes into it.

My web design workflow is a collection of processes that cover every step involved in creating your website. It doesn’t simply take into account the actual design process, it encapsulates everything from the preparation stages right through to post-launch.

Why do I use a workflow?

Improved planning

Increased productivity

Improved consistency

Meet task demands and deadlines

Keeps you, the client, happy!

Project Research

Nice things people are saying

When I started my business I created a shop on Facebook. It got $0 in sales even after running ads. I figured I needed an actual website. I saw from others that Joel was efficient and effective. Joel created my website quickly, and on my very first day I made $440 in sales. I was super impressed as to how effective it was. I chose to stop advertising and asked Joel to help me organize a business postage account and create a business zip pay account. Joel set it all up for me on my website and all that was left for me to do was add my merchant account details. Within a day I was ready to handle larger and multiple orders. 

My favorite part is that he took the hassle out of having to register my domain, host the website and code, install and upload all of the complicated bits and pieces involved in setting up a website. Because he is managing it for me, he is keeping everything updated and is looking after the security aspects of the website, so all payments are secure and no information can be lost, or stolen by scammers and shady people over the internet.

It has given me piece of mind knowing that I can just run my business and not have to worry about all the technical details. I could not be happier!

Luke O'Donnell

The Colour Cure

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