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A website is able to be viewed by anyone in the world. Small businesses might only want to seek customers from their suburb or surrounding areas, whereas other businesses seek customers from their niche from all over the country and even the world. The internet is your oyster.


The Colour Cure

When I started my business I created a shop on Facebook. It got $0 in sales even after running ads. I figured I needed an actual website. I saw from others that Joel was efficient and effective. Joel created my website quickly, and on my very first day I made $440 in sales. I was super impressed as to how effective it was. I chose to stop advertising and asked Joel to help me organize a business postage account and create a business zip pay account. Joel set it all up for me on my website and all that was left for me to do was add my merchant account details. Within a day I was ready to handle larger and multiple orders. 

My favorite part is that he took the hassle out of having to register my domain, host the website and code, install and upload all of the complicated bits and pieces involved in setting up a website. Because he is managing it for me, he is keeping everything updated and is looking after the security aspects of the website, so all payments are secure and no information can be lost, or stolen by scammers and shady people over the internet.

It has given me piece of mind knowing that I can just run my business and not have to worry about all the technical details. I could not be happier!

– Luke O’Donnell

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